JDG vs TES - Game 3 | Grand Finals LPL Spring 2020 | JD Gaming vs Top Esports G3

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lpl finals TES vs JDG Game 3 Grand Finals China LPL Spring 2020 - Top Esports vs JD Gaming Game 3 | JDG vs TES G3 2020 English VOD | JD Gaming vs Top Esports G3 VOD
League of Legends Pro League China LPL Spring 2020 Playoffs.
Third match of the day - Top Esports vs JD Gaming best of 5 Game 3. TES vs JDG G3.

JD Gaming Line-up:
Zoom - Top Renekton
Kanavi - Jungle Trundle
Yagao - Mid Azir
Loken - ADC Miss Fortune
LvMao - Support Yuumi

Top Esports Line-up:
369 - Top Jayce
karsa - Jungle Gragas
Knight - Mid Corki
JackeyLove - ADC Aphelios
Syuyanjia - Support Braum

Patch: - Season 10
Game date: | 05/02/2020 | May 2nd 2020
Game place: Online

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